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The UNITE Program was developed to provide squadron leaders with the maximum flexibility to deliver programs that build cohesion for personnel within their unit. This includes assigned Active Duty, Reserve, and both APF and NAF Civilians. Family members are welcome to participate but they must pay all associated fees.

Programs & Services

01. Ready to
Execute (RTE)

RTE programs are preapproved and easy to implement. FSS related events keep funds on the installation and should be considered first.

02. Unit
Program (UDP)

Squadron leaders are given the discretion to create UDPs that capitalize on opportunities available in the local area. UDPs require prior approval through the Air Force Services Activity (AFSVA) and may take up to 30 days, so plan accordingly.


Charitable work provides a cost effective team building activity that allows co-workers to see each other in a new light and to make a real difference in your community. Free events do not need approval but we still need to capture the information.


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UNITE Program Request

Contact Information & Event Details
Ex: 123-456-7890
Ex: 123-456-7890
Events must be scheduled a minimum of 3 weeks in advance for approval.
Ex: 09:30 AM
Ex: 12:30 PM
Why does the squadron/unit want to plan a unit-cohesive event? List any potential unit challenges.
Unit POC should discuss and get approval from squadron/unit leadership before final selection.
How will unit cohesion, team building, and morale be achieved? How does this event meet unit objectives? (This verbiage will be submitted to AFSVA for event approval. Please be as detailed as possible to avoid delays in the approval process.)
Possible costs associated.
Please list any potential costs associated with the event. Approved budget and actual costs will be discussed further with the Community Cohesion Coordinator prior to event approval.



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