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Child Development Centers

The DM Child Development Programs (DM CDC & Finley CDC) are designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for children and are uniquely designed to accommodate each child's developmental level. The programs are certified by the Department of Defense, are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and are continuously evaluated for quality and compliance with the highest of standards.

The practices of the Air Force Child Development Programs are based on current knowledge of child development and early education. We are responsible for supporting the development of the whole child, meaning all areas of development are considered inter-related and equally important. Children are valued as individuals, as well as part of a group. Likewise, our program respects and supports the ideals, cultures, and values of families in their task of nurturing children. We advocate for children, families, and the early childhood professionals within our programs.

Programs & Services

Our program acknowledges that children learn through active, hands-on involvement with their environment, peers, and caring adults. We respect each child's unique interests, experiences, abilities, and needs, thus allowing us to be responsive to and appropriate for each child.

  • Childcare

  • Give Parents a Break

  • Month of the Military Child

  • Lunches for Parents 

  • All About Me

  • Water Play Social

  • Spirit Weeks

  • Center Activities

  • List amenities, programs here

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Parent Advisory Board

Parents are always welcome to visit and assist with their child's care to the extent that their duty permits. The parent Advisory Board/involvement is a committee of all the CDC programs in conjunction with other CYP’s. The DAB acts only in an advisory capacity, providing recommendations for improving services. The Chairperson of the DAB is a parent. The Parent Advisory Committee selects a chairperson. Each chairperson attends the Program Parent Advisory Board meeting. The Parent Advisory Board meets with the Airman and Family Readiness Center Flight Chief and Center Directors at least quarterly and with the Mission Support Group Commander at least annually. The minutes of the parent advisory meetings are forwarded to the Mission Support Group Commander for review. If you are interested in attending your center's parent advisory committee, please see your center's director for more information.

CDC Services

Applying for Child Care

Child care services are offered to eligible patrons at Davis-Monthan AFB for full-time (weekly) care, before-and-after-school care, and hourly care. All services except hourly care and special openings require a completed application and time on a placement list. Please contact us regarding the specific procedures required for the Resource and Referral Program.

CDC Services

Hourly Care

Offered for children ages 6 months to 5 years of age at both of the CDCs located on Davis-Monthan. Hourly care meets the needs of customers who need care on an irregular basis such as short-term care for a doctor appointment, to work out or to volunteer in the community, on a space-available basis. The requirements regarding eligibility, registration, and immunizations are the same as those required for full-day care.

CDC Services

Give Parents a Break

The purpose of the Give Parents a Break program is to offer families a few hours away from the stress of parenting and use the time to suit their personal needs. The CDCs provide childcare for eligible parents who are subject to unique stresses due to the nature of military life including deployments, remote tours of duty, and extended working hours. For those families often separated from spouses and extended family members who might otherwise offer support, this is a great option. 

You may qualify for free care if you are a deployed/remote/extended TDY family or under stress due to sickness, illness, death, etc. Contact Airman & Family Readiness Center for qualifications.

CDC Services

Parent Participation

Parents are an important part of our program and the center strives to offer many opportunities for parents to be involved in their child's classroom. The following are a few ways for parent involvement:

  • Classroom Events
  • Center Activities
  • Lunches with Parents
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Field Trip Chaperones
  • Parent Advisory Board

Upcoming Events & Trips

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Parents Day Out Child Development Center


  • DM CDC

    5355 E Comanche St., Bldg. 2614, Tucson, AZ 85707

    Open Hours

    • Monday - Friday
      6:30am – 5:30pm
    • Weekends & Holidays
  • Finley CDC

    5305 E Comanche St., Bldg. 2612, Tucson, AZ 85707

    Open Hours

    • Monday - Friday
      6:30am – 5:30pm
    • Weekends & Holidays