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Auto Hobby

State-of-the-art automotive equipment is available on a self-help or technician-assisted basis. Current hours listed at the bottom of this page. In addition to the drive-in bays with hydraulic lifts, patrons can paint their cars and rebuild their engines onsite as well. The benefit of our self-help capabilities is that it allows the opportunity for customers to work on their own vehicles with the equipment they can't get at home.

Auto Hobby is also home to the Resale Lot, carwash, and vacuum center. We offer routine car maintenance, on-base tow service, and jumpstart/lockout solutions. 

Resale Lot

The all-new Resale Lot is available for listings. Check it out, and list your vehicle with us, today!

Site listings | website listings | Social Media Boosts & more! 

Special Offer

Programs & Services

If you don't know how to fix it, we can help. Our expert car repair services are available at reasonable prices! 

  • Indoor Maintenance Stalls

  • 15 modern bays

  • 12 lifts

  • ASE Contract Mechanic

  • Free Air (during opening hours)

  • Paint Booth

  • Drum & Rotor Turn Service 

  • Specialized Automotive Tools

  • Car/RV Wash Facility 

  • Auto Resale Lot

  • Auto Vacuum Center

  • On/Off Base Tow Service

  • On-base Flat Repair/Jumpstart/Lockout Service

  • Complimentary Vehicle Check

Paint Booth

  • Price:

    $60 per day

  • Required Materials:

    Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

We are excited to announce that the car paint booth at Auto Hobby is now open for daily rental.
In order to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for all users, we kindly request that customers provide their own spray gun for their painting needs. This allows you to use equipment that you are comfortable with and ensures that you have the necessary tools to complete your projects to your satisfaction.
Additionally, we require customers to bring Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all supplies used during their time in the paint booth. SDSs contain important information about the properties and potential hazards of the materials being used. By providing the SDSs, we can maintain a safe environment and ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations.
Please note that the rental fee for the paint booth is set at $60.00 per day.
If you have any questions or require further information regarding the reopening of the paint booth, spray gun and SDS requirements, or pricing details, please feel free to reach out to Auto Hobby.
Paint Booth

Welding Shop

$15.00 per hour

The welding shop at the Auto Hobby Shop in Davis-Monthan AFB will reopen for use on 6 July 2023. Customers need to show a safety card in order to use the equipment.


Auto Hobby Monthly Specials

Call us today to see what this month's special is and to schedule a visit!

Special Offer

Fees & Services

Parking (per day, car or engine, unless under contract)$7.50
Oil Change (materials not included)$15
Auto Towing$38 on-base & $6 per mile off-base
Contract MechanicsCall
Unlock Car Door$33
Jump Start$16
Brake ServiceCall
Read Computer Codes$12


Equipment Fees

Stall (flat fee per hour)$7
Stall Hydraulic Lift$8
Battery Charge$8
Welding Shop (per hour)$15
Computer Wheel Balance (weights included per wheel)$9
Tire Changes (per wheel)$9
Brake Drum Turning (per drum)$10
Disc Brakes (per rotor)$10
Paint Booth/Room (per day)$60


Car Wash

Two self-serve car washes and vacuum stations are busy seven days a week and can accommodate everything from sedans to RVs.

Car Wash - $1.75 per five minutes

Vacuum - $0.50 per five minutes

Resale Lot

The Auto Hobby Shop Resale offers a diverse selection of cars, trucks, boats, motor homes, campers, etc. for sale by owner. A total of 65 spaces are available. The site listing cost is $15-35 (plus optional digital upgrades) for one month.

Upcoming Events & Trips


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Auto Hobby

5440 E. Nuggat St.
Bldg. 4531
Tucson, AZ 85707

  • Thursday-Sunday
    8am - 6pm