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Resource Management & Private Organizations

The 355th Force Support Squadron Resource Management Flight primarily handles the financial accounting of the 355th FSS. We also handle Private Organizations and Special Morale & Welfare Funds.

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Private Organizations

A Private Organization is a self-sustaining special interest group, set up by people acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal Government.  They are not NAF Instrumentalities (NAFIs) or entitled to the sovereign immunities and privileges given to NAFIs or the Air Force.  They operate on Air Force installations with the written consent of the installation commander (AFI 34-223, Private Organization (PO) Program).

For more information on Private Organizations, reference the following documents available for download in our Document Library.

How to Hold a Fundraiser

Your organization can only hold two fundraisers per quarter. Fundraising during CFC and AFAF requires approval from the Installation commander. Organizations cannot hold any fundraisers at the workplace. All fundraising must take place in a personal, off-duty capacity.

The process of setting up a fundraiser is simple. Download the fundraiser request form from the Documents Library. Fill out all required information as directed. Your organization must comply with all the instructions on page 2 of the form. After filling out the form, email the form to the Private Organization representative. Only officers of the PO can request authorization for fundraising. Individual requests are not authorized.

The Private Organization representative will review your organization’s document and ensure that your organization’s documents are in compliance with the PO guidance 2012 and AFI 34-223 prior to submitting your fundraiser request for approval.

Special Morale & Welfare Funds

Special Morale, Welfare and Recreation (SM&W) Funds according to AFI 34-201, use of Non-Appropriated Funds (NAFS), Chapter 12, SM&W Funds are NAF expenditures considered necessary to contribute to the overall morale and welfare of the military community.  Expenditures must be conservative, be in the best interest of the Air Force, benefit the military community, and may not be limited to specific grades or levels of personnel.   Commanders and delegated approval authority will not expend funds for SM&W purposes if funds are authorized elsewhere as stated in AFI 34-201 or authorized from APF (AFI 65-603).  SM&W Funds CAN be used for the following functions:  Change of Command ceremonies, protocol supplies. SM&W Funds CANNOT be used for retirements or promotions. For a detailed list of permissible and prohibited expenditures, please see AFI 34-201, Use of Non-Appropriated Funds (NAFS), Chapter 12, para 12.4, 12.5, and Table 12.1. SM&W request has to be approved 30 days prior to the event. AFMAN 34-214, Chapter 11, section 11.2.1.prohibits advanced funds for SM&W expenditures.

Picnic Funds

Picnic Funds are used for squadron events, e.g. large holiday events or picnics.  Everyone within the squadron must be invited to the event.  The Wing will fund $2.00 per military members in the squadron. Picnic funds request have to be approved 30 days prior to the event. A request letter from your squadron commander or acting commander will need to be submitted to the NAF accounting office.  Picnic funds cannot be used to pay for prizes, alcohol & tips. Picnic funds are normally used for food, entertainment, rental (jumping castles, water coolers, Bama Park, etc). Please contact the NAF accounting office at 228-3173 or 228-6243 if you are not sure if an item is authorized. AFMAN 34-214, Chapter 11, section 11.2.1. No advance funds is authorized.

Special Morale & Welfare Funds vs Picnic Funds

Are Special Morale & Welfare Funds the same as Picnic Funds? No.  SM&W Funds and Picnic Funds come from the same source, the Wing, but are two different pots of money. Prior to requesting funds, ensure the type of event your organization is holding.

Requesting Special Morale & Welfare Funds

1. All requests for SM&W Funds must be submitted in writing and approved by the appropriate official 30 days in advance of the actual expenditure of the event.  (For a sample See AFI34-201, Use of Non-Appropriated Funds (NAFS), Attachment 6). 

2. E-mail the “Special Morale and Welfare Funds Request” to us at the email address provided below. You will be notified via email once your request is approved. 

How are FSS activities funded?

FSS activities are funded with a combination of Appropriated Funds (APF) and Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF). Congress grouped Services activities according to the impact they make on the mission. Category A activities support the warfighting mission and authorized 100% APF support. Category B activities support the community and Air Force families. These activities are authorized at least 50% APF support. These activities also have the capability to generate their own support. Category C activities sustain and maintain Air Force quality of life. These activities have minimal APF support, so they have to generate their income to cover what they expense.

APF dollars are taxpayer dollars used to support the mission of the Air Force. APFs are used for activities like Food Service and Mortuary Affairs. NAF dollars are self-generated funds through the sale of goods and services to authorized patrons and their families.

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