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Family Child Care

Family Child Care (FCC) is a great alternative to the CDC for childcare. FCC providers are independent business operators and work under their own contracts with the parents of the children they care for. There are FCC providers on Davis-Monthan as well as several affiliated providers in the surrounding area.

Family Child Care offers a small setting with personalized service, familiar home environments, mixed-age groups that allow younger and older children to learn from each other and allows parents who have more than one child to utilize one childcare setting. The possibility of flexible scheduling is another advantage. FCC offers the possibility of intimate connections between providers, children, and families.

Childcare Options

The FCC is available for active duty and DoD families and referral lists are available in the office on Davis-Monthan. Parents can expect high standards of care from this home-based program due to the prerequisites that must be met prior to becoming certified.

The Family Child Care Program is under the direction of the 355th Force Support Squadron. In addition, AFI 34-276 outlines the policies and procedures administered by the program. FCC Providers are inspected monthly by an FCC Program Coordinator, and the program is monitored through several annual inspections. If you have questions about the policies of the program, please contact the FCC office. 

FCC Services


If you are looking for childcare outside of the CDC, stop by the Family Child Care office today to see our list of licensed providers both on and off base. 

FCC Services

Extended Duty Care Program

Do you occasionally need more childcare than your current arrangements provide? Do you need a weekend or evening care beyond your standard 50-hour childcare week? Do you have children 6 weeks-12 years of age? Have you had a temporary shift change? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may benefit from our Extended Care Program. Call us at 228-2201 and let us explain how this program can benefit you and your family. 

FCC Services

Limited Free Childcare

If you are within 60 days of PCSing in or out of Davis-Monthan, you qualify for 20 hours of free childcare. 

Alternatively, deployed personnel are authorized 16 hours of free childcare per child for children under the age of 12 when returning home. 

Call or stop by today for more information on how to take advantage of these services. 

FCC Services

Possibility of Care

Infants as young as 2 weeks old are eligible for FCC care. We also provide for children with special needs, children of families in crisis, and children whose parents work nighttime or extended hours. 

Become a Provider

Family Child Care is a professional option for stay-at-home parents who want to continue to work and gain experience in early childhood development. Start your own business with no start-up costs and be given free supplies and reimbursement for food served to children via USDA, all while earning up to $500 a week. 

FCC Services

Why Become a Provider?

Becoming an FCC provider is a way to add to the family’s income without having to work outside the home, allows you to stay at home with your own children and provide companionship for them. FCC providers have access to a large lending library and receive constant training to help advance your career.

Any military ID cardholder providing more than 10 hours of care a week, on a regular basis, MUST be licensed by the FCC Office. You risk losing your base housing privileges if you are providing care without an Air Force license.

FCC Services

How Do I Qualify?

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Military or CIV ID cardholders
  • Must be physically and mentally capable
  • Read, write, and speak English
  • Hold a high school diploma or general education diploma (GED equivalent)

FCC Providers must complete the Air Force Module Training Program within 18 months of receiving their license. There are 15 modules addressing basic child development areas.


FCC Services


To become licensed, providers must pass background checks and attend rigorous orientation and training classes that include CPR, first aid, child development, nutrition, detection and prevention of child abuse, and AF standards. Providers’ homes are inspected for quality care and for safety, fire and public health to ensure their home complies with FCC guidelines. 

For more information on how to obtain training to become a Family Child Care provider or an Affiliate Family Child Care provider, please contact us. 

FCC Services

Tax Reminder

Parents must request the FCC Provider’s Federal Tax ID number or Social Security Number (SSN) for income tax purposes. It is in violation of the Privacy Act Information Law for the FCC Office to give out an FCC Provider’s Social Security Number.

"Under the Privacy Act of 1974, you must safeguard all information, if required, reflected on this document and, if applicable, all attachments. Disclosure of information is IAW AFI 33-119, AFI 33-127, AFI 33-129, DoD 5400.7-R/Air Force Supplement (Freedom of Information Act), AFI 33-332 (Privacy Act), AFI 33-219, and PL 93-579."

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